How should you evaluate software?

Does it do what you want?.

Will it satisfy the authorities (HMRC etc) 

If you value your own time, what's the total cost?

What CASH will you save?

If you get a full payback within one year - DO IT.

Most clients achieve 400% using IntranetManagers

This video image is courtesy of Pexels.

We would like to thank them for making a large number of images of good quality, free to users.

From time to time, we donate money on their web site, and we encourage everyone who uses their images, to do the same. 

To change it, logon,  Ctrl + M for the Admin, then pop out "Portals" admin - then click on the "Background". The video is just another in the library.

We believe that photographers should make a proper living, but there is no need for middle men to drive Ferraris.

So where there are a lot of users, then we will develop and add things - and it is usually pretty quickly - that is, within 3 months.

If you want your software to be developed faster tahn that - please takl with us: it is less expensive than you think. 

We do not outsource any of our software development, nor any of our cloud servers.

When we build new sections of software, we look at how much it will impact the user base, and whether it will noticeably add to the user value it will generate.

Over a short period of time, we need to know that it will break-even within our overall model of "almost free" to users. 
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