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plus, your work flow and CRM: AND, instant messaging, 

help your teams work collaboratively closely. 

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updated weekly with accounts, CRM, web site, projects working - 8 staff.

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We provide the intranet to beat other nets!

Running your business across your internal networks is the swiftest way to inform and update all your systems and your staff. 
We are specialists in the following sectors:
Manufacturing - especially food and engineering
Service - particularly asset and other maintenance

In general terms our service pays for itself every year within the first three months of the year - this makes the investment an essential improvement for our clients.


Our systems connect to your key data sources, taking KPI and other data, and pushing demand led data to your other systems. This means that all of your systems are up to date, and aware of other activity going on around your plant. 

For many clients this exchange of data is performed in real time (though some choose to operate on updates every 30 seconds) using simple technology. 

Pushing communications out to your colleagues of what is being worked on, the expected period until completion - all useful material that underpins a higher level of business consciousness. 

For many clients, they prefer to invest over a longer period than one year - so we are able to offer a 60 month benefits programme in which we guarantee improvements and share a small part of the benefits with you. This means that you can match your costs more closely to your income and profit generation than otherwise possible. 

If this aspect is of interest to you, talk to us straight away - there is no reason to delay. 
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