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Use our system to link your VOIP, phone Directory and conference calls - free: 

plus, your work flow and CRM: AND, instant messaging, 

help your teams work collaboratively closely. 

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updated weekly with accounts, CRM, web site, projects working - 8 staff.

None of the content is genuine, and should not be mistaken for actual results.

Any similarity to real company or individuals is coincidental and unintentional.

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Communication = Better & Faster

Efficient communication impacts the bottom line.  

Our solution is an intranet tailored for your company.  

Speed and ease the flow of information between  

your customers and your sales team, 

between your suppliers and your workshop.

You're in a service industry?  

Communication is key to customer satisfaction.  

We'll build you the best intranet you can imagine at a competitive price. 

Already have an intranet that isn't delivering?  

Talk to us about having it adapted to your needs.


Information = Improved Client Interface

Information about performance keeps you in control. 

An intranet used by all your staff keeps you informed.


Know the status of every process in your workflow.  

Sales, customer contact, project delivery and accounting.  

Make it all happen with an Intranet Managers intranet.



Stay in control of your business

Check the rate of calls to contacts, 

be confident that staff are maintaining frequent contact with them.


Track the progress of ongoing projects, see the hours put into every stage. 

Work in the office, work at home, work on your mobile.  

With our intranets you choose to communicate with your business from anywhere that suits you. 


Stay in control, let Intranet Managers build you the best.

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