Totally Productive Intranet

Use our system to link your VOIP, phone Directory and conference calls - free: 

plus, your work flow and CRM: AND, instant messaging, 

help your teams work collaboratively closely. 

This site is an EXAMPLE operating site of

updated weekly with accounts, CRM, web site, projects working - 8 staff.

None of the content is genuine, and should not be mistaken for actual results.

Any similarity to real company or individuals is coincidental and unintentional.

Logon  as Managing Director: 

username "adrian.blane",  pwd "4dr14n" .

Business Flow = Margin

We recognise that a web site is a window onto the soul of a business - and sometimes reflects the clash of ego, or the inspiration of a creative mind, or an image of an engaged member of staff.

Whichever is your preference: this is a web site capable of delivering what you need - without the requirement for programming or coding. All the functions are included, there is no need for plug and play. It is done.

See the investment page for how to put a video in the page background.

Returning Calls = Customer Care
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Job Done Well = Satisfaction
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Work Flow