Rated the best intranet company in the UK*

*As assessed by over 91% of our clients.


We are really pleased the results of our 2018 survey of current clients.

The survey was conducted with 100% of our clients - a total of 31 responded. 

100% strongly agreed that the intranet met their requirements.

100% strongly agreed that our customer service was good.

100% strongly agreed that our systems are good value for money.


Adrian set the business up in 2002 after 9/11, and created a great Intranet.

Now that organisations have grown used to having real intranets that deliver services, our products have progressed even further - beyond the telephone directory, to the VOIP telephone server, and beyond the manufacturing system to the bar-coded processing plant that is partially robotised. 

So if you want something very large, that tries to put everything into one place, and makes no-one happy - go get MS Sharepoint (r).

If you want something that works, that people enjoy and gain satisfaction from - talk with us today!

Our key players are crucial to us:

Adrian Blane - our MD

Elaine Figg - the Technical Director

Charlie Devon is the chap who keeps calling you.

Our techie engineers Gillian Hardy & Jack Keel

And in the back office it's Lynn Martin -
they are all important...